UsTPV Solutions is specialized in installation services and electronic system maintenance, and we are specialized in software solution development to transactional systems in an international level in Latin America, Asia, Europe and North America.

In the branch of Services, we have described technical personnel in the entire Mexican republic, with which we offer the installation, technical support, maintenance, control and distribution of provisions and consignment inventories.

Service operation, work order status, etc can be monitored in line by your personnel from this web portal.

CoursesIn the branch of software development, we have a base of electronic and programming software engineers with a minimum experience of 8 years in the scope of transactions and electronic communications.

We cover an ample technologies range that we make you available in transparent form to its business so that you concentrate yourself in the most important aspects of his company. Additionally, all the advances of the systems required by you, from the design to the quality certification can be monitored in line from this web portal.


Between other technologies, we management:

flecha Transactional protocols like ISO8583, VISA, SPDH, HPDH.
flecha EMV cards in every version an implementation level.
flecha Data encryption (DES, 3DES, RSA, MACing).
flecha Dial and IP communication in all the present means.
flecha Transactional management servers.
flecha Web server development.
flecha Among others.